Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Leavers' Book

Celebrate your time at Oasis Academy Arena by leaving a positive message for your classmates and your teachers. We'll be collecting messages from you and putting them on the website below! If you have access to an Oasis email account, you will also be able to add a photo of a fun day at school or school trip in the second form. 

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Year 11 Messages


Dear Teachers when i say that the effect of your teaching is magical on me , im not telling lies you all have blessed my life in a way only imagination can express . to my best friends precious and sophie i wanna say i cant ask for better friends and never give up and keeping working harder - Tameria S


The other one was not from me I would like to start by saying that. Secondly the school has changed in a positive way since its start and I wish everyone the best - Lerkai F


There were many good times and bad times throughout my time being at Arena, however one of my favourite memories was when some people were taken to go and see An Inspector Calls at bromley theatre. A message i would like to leave the teachers is that i’m thankful for how hard you all pushed me everyday, when i was resistant to go to interventions or stay back after to school, i’m grateful for how you all made sure not only i but everybody in my year was putting in 100% and doing well. Big thanks to Mr Raymond, Mr shaw and Miss Ampofo for being enabling me to be the best version of myself. Class 2020 - Katie M


i would like to take the opportunity to appreciate mr shaw for his hard work and dedication. i would also like to say i am proud of mr raymond and his determination to improve our school and education. i’m not going to talk too much but i thank every teacher that never gave up on me and that doesn’t include those who doubted me . just remember tough times never last- only tough people last ! #classof2020 theresa x - Theresa T


Oasis arena completely changed my look on life drastically, I walked in on my first day with nothing and walked out feeling like I could achieve anything, and it's all thanks to everyone there - Jake B


Thank you to all of the teachers at Arena, you’ve helped me more than you could ever imagine. I wish you all the best <3 - Zara M


i would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff that supported my throughout my time here. During my years at arena i’ve had good times and bad times but it’s all a part of my learning experience. I wish everyone the best and hopefully everyone is successful throughout their lives. x -Aleiha T