Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

We know that today’s young people need to leave our Academy equipped with the knowledge and skills, resilience and perspective to respond to the challenges of life in the 21st century.

Our student-centred curriculum is planned across 5 years with the intent of best preparing students for their subsequent education, training and employment and helping students become the best version of themselves, in line with our educational philosophy. Our curriculum draws on Oasis Community Learning’s Education Charter and uses it as the foundation for students’ entitlement in our academy. 



The Oasis Education Charter

How do we achieve our intention?

How do we know whether students have benefitted from our curriculum?

We start of the premise that every student will make good progress from their starting point and take into account their needs, aspirations and ambitions.

  • Most students will leave in Year 11 with an Ebacc suite of GCSEs that includes English, Maths, Science, a humanities and modern foreign language. For some this suite may not be suitable and we adapt the subjects’ studied accordingly for these students.
  • Our Matrix Provision is a specialist resource based for children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Students based in our Matrix benefit from specialist teaching or a bespoke curriculum, including the majority of lesson time spent alongside their mainstream peers.
  • We ensure that every student has access to religious, sex and relationships, personal, social, health and economic, and physical education.
  • Our enrichment activities, trips and visits, and careers advice and guidance support students to make wise decisions about their futures and while becoming well-rounded individuals.

We understand that learning should be fun, exhilarating and productive. It can also be hard. Our students’ time in school will:

  • Build knowledge through sustainable learning that enables them to use key skills
  • Be challenged to develop their cultural capital and drive social mobility
  • Result in students being very well prepared for life after school.

Our teaching staff share in our commitment to:

  • Improving children’s lives through education
  • Deliver quality teaching and bespoke additional support ensures that every student, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or who have SEN/D can learn well.

Our curriculum is designed to span all 5 years. This is to ensure that students learn the knowledge and skills required to be successful without putting limits on teachers’ ability to plan and deliver the curriculum.

  • We ask students about whether they enjoy their time in school and feel as if they are making good progress towards becoming the person they want to be.
  • Middle and Senior Leaders monitor staff and students’ work in order to praise effective practice and support areas for further improvement.
  • We engage with parents to understand how the curriculum is impacting their children’s lives outside of school.
  • Oasis Community Learning’s team of Executive Leaders, Lead Practitioners and monitoring experts provide an external view of how we are doing and guide Middle and Senior Leaders to prioritise further areas for development.
  • We track and monitor students’ performance in subjects to ensure that their own and teachers’ subsequent work builds on strengths and overcomes barriers to future learning.