Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 7



Career Focus

Career Outcomes

All students are inspired to begin thinking about their career pathway based on their own strengths and interests.

Students can list 2/3 careers that are linked to their areas of strength/interest.

Students can list a wide range or careers and pathways.






2, 4


  • Introduction to the World of Work
  • Increase student awareness of the wide range of careers available to them and the statistics around the importance of careers education.
  • September

3, 8

PSHE/Tutor Time


  • Start Profile sessions:
  • Students have completed ‘My interests’ section.
  • Students list the suggested careers that appeal to them.
  • January

4, 5, 6

Curriculum linked career events/talks/visits

  • Trip to Kidzania – with pre and post work around personal skills and career choices.
  • Students have a greater appreciation of the vast range of industries and how employability and financial literacy skills are useful for their future success
  • Post November
  • STEM day – within STEM day events there is a focus on looking at the types of careers linked to STEM including employers/employees
  • Students have a better appreciation of the variety of career roles available to them in the STEM industries
  • March


Families and Carers

  • Allocated slot in parent information evening dedicated to sharing the careers programme and highlighting support resources.
  • Raise the profile of the role of careers education.
  • TBC