Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transitioning to Year 7

No Fears

We recognise that your child may be nervous about the journey they are about to embark upon, a journey towards independence, growth and success. A journey towards adulthood.  At Oasis Academy Arena, this is an exciting journey from the outset and communication and bonding is at the forefront of all we do.

During the transition stage, you will receive regular information and newsletters about the Academy so that you become familiar with the activities and opportunities available to your child. Our Welcome Barbecue and Mini Olympics at the end of June is followed closely by an induction day which takes place on the first Friday in July and, for the first two weeks of the school holiday, we run a Summer Camp which allows your child to become completely at home within their new surroundings, offering fun activities such as art and design, media and music, cookery and sport.

These are crucial opportunities for your child to get to know their school family, and for us to get to know you.  There are two Open Evenings during Year 7, at the beginning and end of the year, so that we can track the progress your child is making both academically and, very importantly during the first stage of their Secondary education, pastorally and socially. Your child will receive a planner on their first day at the Academy and this will be used by them to record homework and any other deadlines. Staff will communicate any non-urgent messages home via the planner, which parents/carers must sign each week and should also use to send non-urgent messages to Academy staff.

No Barriers

Working with parents and carers, and presenting young people with common expectations at home and at the Academy, is the key to our success. We rely on your interest in what your child is doing each school day, your support and encouragement for their work and your attendance at consultation evenings and Academy events. Together, this ensures we will make a success of your child’s education.

There are a number of dedicated staff at the Academy whose main aim is to support your child, monitor their general wellbeing, deal with any day to day issues and ensure they are maintain a record of good attendance and settle in. Your child’s academic and attainment progress will also be monitored regularly to ensure they are on track to reach or exceed their target grades by the end of the year. In addition, your child will have a dedicated Learning Coach, who will see your child at least once per day and build a close rapport with them. Their role is to mentor your child and to provide spiritual, moral, social and cultural guidance within form time sessions and assemblies.

We want students’ experience of Oasis Academy Arena to be happy, successful and memorable so that they leave as confident learners, leaders with a sense of destiny and purpose, and an understanding of how family values can enrich the lives of everyone.