Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community



We take pride in each and every one of our pupils at the Academy, and know that they are equally proud to be wearing their Academy badge on their uniforms. 

All uniform items are available to purchase from Hewitts of Croydon.  Further information can be obtained by contacting reception or the shop directly.

Year 7 to Year 11

Compulsory Items

  • Black Blazer with navy/purple twisted cord lapel and pocket badge
  • Black V-neck jumper with logo embroidery
  • Purple and black tie
  • Black tailored trousers (boys and girls) - no boot-cut or fashion items
  • Black knee-length skirt (girls) - knife pleat or tailored
  • Tailored white shirt to be worn with top button fastened (boys and girls - short or long sleeved acceptable
  • Black supportive shoes (boys and girls) - no fabric or trainer-type shoes
  • Black socks (girls and boys) or black/flesh tights (girls)
  • Rucksack with logo embroidery

Optional Items

  • Black reversible jacket with logo embroidery (not to be worn in building)
  • Sports holdall with logo embroidery

PE Kit (compulsory)

All PE items are now available for purchase from Macron online supplier.  Kit is ordered as one complete pack which includes Diadem Top, Mesa Short and Rayon Sock.  

Please click here to be directed to the order page.  

Rules concerning Appearance

  • Every article of clothing should be marked with the student's name.
  • Every students is responsible for his/her clothing.
  • No clothing may be borrowed or loaned.
  • Clothing must not be left in school overnight.
  • Trainers may only be worn for PE.
  • No jewellery (with the exception of a wristwatch) may be worn, including piercings.  Any items of jewellery will be confiscated and stored at the school until a parent/carer can collect it.
  • No make up to be worn.
  • Uniform will be checked rigorously at the gate each day by Academy staff and follow up checks will be conducted throughout the day.  
  • Coats must be removed on entry to the Academy and not worn in the building.