Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Inclusion and Wellbeing

Inclusion & Wellbeing

Communication between parents and school is a key part of providing students with the best experiences and opportunities possible. We operate an open door policy and welcome parents and carers to meet with our SENCO: Ms Crawford, Assistant SENCO: Mrs Aarons and our HLTA: Mrs Manderson.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At Oasis Academy Arena we pride ourselves on promoting inclusivity for all and continuously strive to provide the best provision we can for our students and families.

We carefully consider the learning and wellbeing needs of all students individually; including those with SEND. We provide our teaching staff and Teaching Assistants with high quality professional development to ensure that the additional needs of our students can be met in a mainstream setting.

The environment at Oasis Academy Arena is developing regularly and consciously adapted to meet the needs of our students. We strongly believe that by providing our students with an environment to suit their needs, they will be successful with us academically, socially and emotionally.

The Matrix

The Matrix is our Enhanced Learning Provision that supports students that are directed to an ELP.  The Matrix is a provision carefully adapted to meet the needs of our students with a diagnosis of Autism or those who have social communication difficulties. The room is especially designed to be low sensory to provide a calming alternative to being in the mainstream classroom. The students have their own dedicated classroom and relaxation area.  This is a hive of activity and a space integral to providing our students with ASC additional support. The Matrix provides a working environment with a variety of alternative seating areas, the use of technology and an area to take part in more physical interventions such as physio and motor skills. We offer Lego Therapy, Touch-typing sessions and Zones of Regulation.

The Sensory Room

We are currently in the process of building a sensory room.  The Sensory Room will be a sensory heightening environment for all students to access. It will contain bubble tubes, large rocking chairs, sensory panels, a cabin and projections.

Our sensory room floor plan.


At Oasis Academy Arena we understand the importance of mental health awareness and encourage all students and families to speak out if they feel unsure, unhappy or in need of support. We recognise that good wellbeing is key to a student's development; emotionally, physically and educationally.

We celebrate school life and the achievements of all our students regardless of their abilities and educational needs in a number of ways. We use assemblies to educate the students and provide them with a diverse and enriched curriculum building resilience and acceptance towards others and of themselves. We celebrate neurodiversity ensuring that every student feels appreciated, cared for and most importantly valued. We strive to ensure our students feel proud of themselves, but also teach them that it is ok not to be ok and provide them with coping strategies to succeed.

Through extra provisions such as mentoring support, counselling, Place2Talk, nurture groups, and managing change groups we strive to create spaces for students to work through any difficulties they may be experiencing with trusted members of the school team. These opportunities teach the students that speaking out and raising their own mental health needs can have a positive effect on not just themselves but their families and the school community as a whole.

At Oasis Academy Arena we promote mental health awareness and monitor the students closely to identify any student who may need support. Procedures are in place for any concerns to be followed up quickly ensuring that the appropriate support is provided for individuals. Please contact Natalie French (Assistant Principal, Inclusion) for more information.

Well-being Strategy of the week:

Try to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables.