Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

At Oasis Academy Arena, teachers are more than educators – they're mentors on a student's journey. With expertise and care, they light up learning. Through engaging lessons and personalised support, our teachers empower students to excel academically and embrace a future full of possibilities


Jeanette Bell

To contact Principal, get in touch with:
Melanie Kolandawel, Operations Manager and PA to the Principal

Deputy Principal 

Greg Shaw, French Teacher

Assistant Principals

Natalie Dodd, Attendance Leader and English Teacher

Natalie French

Andrew Litchmore, Behaviour and Student Support, and English Teacher

Christine Polyviou, Geography Teacher

Teaching Staff

Natasha Aldonza, Head of Year 7 and PE Teacher

Samuel Bayliss, English Teacher

Justina Bilson, Maths Teacher

Joe Boxall, Geography Teacher

Stephane Carnoy, Head of Year 11 and French Teacher

Ed Clark, Computing Teacher

Ben Coates, History Teacher

Atlanta Crawford, Music Teacher and SENCO

Duncan Field, History Teacher

Corolida Francis, Maths Teacher

Natasha Goodman, Maths Teacher

Kat Maguire, Maths Teacher

Clint Muldoon, P.E Teacher

Letisha Myers, English Teacher

Daniel Nash, Head of Geography

Tashi Phuntsok, Head of Maths

Kemoy Raymore-Myles, Head of Science

Antanelle Regis, Head of Year 10 and Art Teacher

Nathan Rothwell, Head of P.E

Cyrus Shah, History Teacher

Nana Simons, Science Teacher

Oliver Wardman, Head Of English

Deshawn Wilson, Business Studies and Math Teacher

Learning and Academic Support Staff

Jenny Aarons, Assistant SENCO

Edou Adama, Teaching Assistant

Eugenia Adjei, Teaching Assistant

Mumthas Beevi, Teaching Assistant

Elaine Carroll, Career's Adviser

Susan Coker, Teaching Assistant

Robert Cole, Pastoral Support


Edward Deti, Teaching Assistant

Jane Dewhurst, Attendance and Safeguarding

Zehra Hassan, SEN Administrator

Laila Kamariza, Teaching Assistant

Maika Kimfumu, Teaching Assistant

Nikki Maher, Medical Officer

Beverley Manderson, SEN Manager

Gary Pearson, Assistant Facilities Manager

Pat Pearson, Cleaning Supervisor

Emmanuella Quainoo, Teaching Assistant

Jackie Purvey, Cleaner​​​​​​​

Beverley Salmon, Head of Year 8 & 9 and Behaviour Support

Finnian Shannon, Librarian