Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Here you can find details of our staff and how you can get in touch with them

Academy Leadership Team

Thomas Raymond          Principal                                            Lynn.Nunn@oasisarena.org

Greg Shaw                       Deputy Principal                              Gregory.Shaw@oasisarena.org

Mosses Arthur                Assistant Principal                           Moses.Arthur@oasisarena.org

Liz Grimes                        Assistant Principal / SENCO           Liz.Grimes@oasisarena.org

Abigail Taylor                  Assistant Principal                           Abigail.Taylor@oasisarena.org

Ben Jackson                     Assistant Principal                           Ben.Jackson@oasisarena.org


Teaching Staff

Leana Anthony-Spence Head of Science                              Leana.Anthony-Spence@oasisarena.org

Stephane Carnoy            Teacher of MFL                              Stephane.Carnoy@oasisarena.org

Karen Clarke                    Teacher of English                         Karen.Clarke@oasisarena.org

Jon Channon                    Teacher of Geography                 Jon.Channon@oasisarena.org

Sophie Thomas                Head of English                             Sophie.Thomas@oasisarena.org

Benjamin Coates             Teacher History                             Ben.Coates@oasisarena.org

Stanley James                  Teacher of Science                        Stanley.James@oasisarena.org

Michelle Jones                 Teacher of English/HOY               Michelle.Jones@oasisarena.org

Kat Maguire                     Teacher of Maths/Career Lead   Kat.Maguire@oasisarena.org

Tashi Phuntsok                Head of Maths                               Tashi.Phunstock@oasisarena.org

Christine Polyviou           Head of Humanities                      Christine.Polyviou@oasisarena.org

Antanelle Regis                Head of Creative Arts                   Antanelle.Regis@oasisarena.org

Luke Rutherford               Teacher of PE                                Luke.Rutherford@oasisarena.org

Nathan Rothwell              Teacher of PE                                Nathan.Rothwell@oasisarena.org

Paula Ogun                        SEND Teacher                               Paula.Ogun@oasis@oasisarena.org

Laura Ampofo                   Teacher of English                        Laura.Ampofo@oasisarena.org

Raphael Tetty                   Teacher of Music                          Raphael.Tetty@oasisarena.org

Justina Bilson                    Teacher of Maths                         Justina.Bilson@oasisarena.org

Leighton Ledgister           Teacher of Maths                         Leighton.Legister@oasisarena.org

Zhaida Vaghela                 English/HOY                                  Zhaida.Vaghela@oasisarena.org

Tahir Kerr                           Teacher of Sociology / RS           Tahir.kerr@oasisarena.org

Angela Evans                     Teacher of Science/HOY             Angela.Evans@oasisarena.org

Sam Hargreaves               Teacher of History                        Sam.Hargreaves@oasisarena.org

Yousuf Amejee                 Teacher of French                         Yousuf.Amejee@oasisarena.org

Natasha Aldonza              Teacher of PE                                 Natasha.Aldonza@oasisarena.org

Adam Hughes                   Teacher of Drama                         Adam.Hughes@oasisarena.org

Tiya Gilbert                       Teacher of Science                        Tiya.Gilbert@oasisarena.org

Aaron Greenbridge         Teacher of Science                        Aaron.Greenbridge@oasisarena.org

Learning and Academy Support Staff

Lynn Nunn                        Executive Assistant                         Lynn.Nunn@oasisarena.org

Jane Dewhurst                 Attendance & Safeguarding         Jane.Dewhurst@oasisaren.org

Nikki Maher                      Medical Assistant                           Nikki.Maher@oasisarena.org

Terry Montaque              PD Administrator                            Terry.Montaque@oasisryelands.org

Matthew Lawrence         Pastoral Mentor/ HOY                   Matthew.Lawrence@oasisarena.org

Patrick Marshall               Director of Behaviour                    Patrick.Marshall@oasisarena.org

Beverley Salmon              Pastoral Mentor / HOY                  Beverley.Salmon@oasisarena.org

Kerith Minsende              Pastoral Mentor                              Kerith.Minsende@oasisarena.org

Laila Kamariza                  Teaching Assistant                          Laila.Kamariza@oasisarena.org

Jahmal Howlett                Teaching Assistant                          Jahmal.Howlett@oasisarena.org

Jenny Aarons                    Assistant SENCO                              Jenny.Aarons@oasisarena.org

Afia Obeng                        SEND Learning Support                  Afia.Obeng@oasisarena.org

Victor Frankson                Facilities Manager                           Victor.Frankson@oasisarena.org

Gary Pearson                    Assistant Facilities Manager         Gary.Person@oasisarena.org

Juan Flower                       Cleaner                                             Juan.Flower@oasisarena.org

Pat Pearson                       Cleaner                                             Pat.Pearson@oasisarena.org