Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Here you can find details of our staff and how you can get in touch with them

Academy Leadership Team

Thomas Raymond Principal  Lynn.Nunn@oasisarena.org
Greg Shaw Deputy Principal  Gregory.shaw@oasisarena.org
Hugh Chandler Deputy Principal  Hugh.chandler@oasisarena.org
Moses Arthur Assistant Principal Moses.Arthur@oasisarena.org
Liz Grimes Assistant Principal / SENCO Elizabeth.grimes@oasisarena.org
Ben  Jackson Asst. Principal / Head Yr 8 benjamin.jackson@oasisarena.org

Teaching Staff

Leana Anthony-Spence Lead Teacher Science Leana.Anthony-Spence@oasisarena.org 
Tracy Beach Teacher of Science  tracy.beach@oasisarena.org 
Stephane Carnoy Teacher of MFL  stephane.carnoy@oasisarena.org
Penelope Cartwritght Teacher of RS & Sociology penny.cartwritght@oasisarena.org
Karen Clarke Teacher of English Karen.Clarke@oasisarena.org
Jonathan Channon Teacher of Geography jon.channon@oasisarena.org
Kiah Chong Cover Supervisor kiah.chong@oasisarena.org
Karen Clark Teacher of English karen.clark@oasisarena.org
Benjamin Coates Teacher of History  benjamin.coates@oasisarena.org
Carmen Gbedmah Teacher of DT carmen.gbedmah@oasisarena.org
Rachel Huggins Teacher of Music rachel.huggins@oasisarena.org
Stanley James Teacher of Science  stanley.james@oasisarena.org
Michele  Jones  Head Year 9 & 10 / Teacher of English Michele.Jones@oasisarena.org
Kat  Maguire Teacher of Maths / Careers Lead kat.maguire@oasisarena.org
Nikki Maher Medical Assistant  nikki.maher@oasisarena.org
Sandro Moszczynski Science Technician  sandro.moszczynski@oasisarena.org
Paula Ogun SEND Teacher  paula.ogun@oasisarena.org
Tashi Phuntsok Lead Teacher Maths tashi.phuntsok@oasisarena.org
Christine Polyviou Lead Teacher Humanities  christine.polyviou@oasisarena.org
Antanelle  Regis Teacher of Art Antanelle.Regis@oasisarena.org
Nathan Rothwell Teacher of PE nathan.rothwell@oasisarena.org
Luke Rutherford Teacher of PE luke.rutherford@oasisarena.org
Josh Thompson Head of Year 7/ Teacher of Science  Josh.Thompson@oasisarena.org

Learning and Academy Support Staff

Trishna Chakraborty HLTA  trishna.chakraborty@oasisarena.org
Anderson Esnard Behaviour Support Teaching Assistant anderson.esnard@oasisarena.org
Juan Flower Facilities juan.flower@oasisarena.org
Victor Frankson Facilities Manager victor.frankson@oasisarena.org
Ziyang Liu Teaching Assistant  ziyang.liu@oasisarena.org
Nikki Maher Medical Assistant  nikki.maher@oasisarena.org
Evelyn  Noakes Facilities  evelyn.noakes@oasisarena.org
Lynn Nunn Executive Assistant  lynn.nunn@oasisarena.org
Afia Obeng SEND Learning Support  afia.obeng@oasisarena.org
Gary  Pearson  Assistant Facilites Manager  gary.pearson@oasisarena.org
Maria Porcel Facilities maria.porcel@oasisarena.org
Imelda  Thomas Teaching Assistant  imelda.thomas@oasisarena.org